Does the tag track my pet?

Yes, we utilize a passive GPS tracking approach, where we will share the location of each scan that is made of your pet’s tag.

How is this different than a microchip?

Microchips are not an effective recovery tool. A microchip gives the finder a ten to fifteen digit number, which must be searched in a database to find corresponding owner information. The problem? There are hundreds of different databases, most of them only serving a local or regional area. If your pet has moved to a new home recently, a vet’s office scanning your pet’s microchip will likely not find the information critical to safely reuniting you with your pet. 

Is my information private?

In today’s world, privacy matters. With CareTags Plus, you can choose to share your contact information or keep your contact information private from people who find your pet. The finder can still share their contact info with you, and then you can choose how to contact them (e.g. calling them using *67 in the U.S., 141 in the U.K., *31# in Australia, etc.).

I have an Apple AirTag or Fi Smart Collar, do I need a Care Tag too?

Apple AirTags or Fi Smart Collars provide a more active tracking approach, but they rely on a battery. In the case of a missing pet, the AirTag or Fi could die leaving you in the dark. CareTags uses passive GPS tracking that provides you with the pets location each time the tag is scanned by a finder while simultaneously putting you in contact with the finder. No battery to worry about!


Moreover, a CareTag is more than a recovery tool: it keeps your pet’s records and certificates digitally at your fingertips, keeps you on top of medications and vaccines, and reminds you of your pet’s upcoming appointments.


In short, if you use both an AirTag or Fi and a CareTag, you’re doubly covered with recovery support and you’re getting access to digital hub to keep your pet’s life organized.

Is there a monthly fee?

Our CareTags Basic plan has no recurring fees! You’ll be able to benefit from a digital pet wallet with rabies vaccine certificate storage and expiration reminder and passive GPS tracking.

If you’d like to unlock even more value—like adding privacy control, pet document storage and sharing, appointment diary, vaccine and medication reminders, CareTags Connect, and more—you can opt for CareTags Plus for $3/month.

What is CareTags Connect?

CareTags Connect is a dedicated assistance service for Plus users that contacts you and the finder when your pet’s tag is scanned. If you’re unreachable—whether you’re in a meeting, traveling, or facing connectivity issues—we’ll also reach out to your secondary contact to ensure a safe and timely reunion. With CareTags Connect, someone is always in reach even if you’re not. 


Our Care Team is standing by to answer any of your pet safety questions. Drop us a note today!

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