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CareTags provide travel updates & tracking automatically to the pet’s owner. This service increases the transparency afforded to an often-worried pet owner, reduces your team’s workload, and increases overall customer experience. Updates provided by our agents on the ground via the app are essential to making this service to our customers effective. The CareTags interface is simple and should only take a minute to provide an update via the web app.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to providing an update to via the CareTags app:

  • 1
    Scan the QR Code

    Your driver/handler should scan the QR code label on the pet’s crate using their smartphone’s camera app. No special app needs to be downloaded to the driver’s phone. Scanning the QR code will load the CareTags web app. (In some cases, the label(s) may be handed to your driver when they pick up the pet along with other documents. If so, please put the tracking label onto the top of each travel kennel first.)

  • 2
    Share Location

    You will be prompted to share your location with the CareTags app. We expect that the driver’s location services are enabled for the updates. Our customers have access to a tracking page with a map display to show a breadcrumb location of where their pet has been, and this only works if you allow the CareTags app to capture your location when you provide an update. ***Please note that the app only captures location at a single moment—at the time of the scan—and doesn’t actively track your driver/handler in an ongoing fashion.

  • 3
    Choose Event Type

    Select the appropriate Event Type and Location. There are two possible Event Types: Pick Up and Drop Off. And there are various Event Locations that pair with either of those Event Types. For example, if you are picking the pet up from its owner at a meet & greet location, you would select Event Type: Pick Up and Event Location: Meet & Greet.

  • 4
    Provide your Name

    The driver will provide their name. First name is sufficient. Easy peezy!

  • 5
    Share those Pics!

    There is the option to upload photos and videos as part of the update. You may either upload them from your photo library or select “Take Photo or Video” and your camera app will open up. Photos and videos are only required for airport drop offs (but strongly encouraged) for all update types. You’ll see a status animation appear on the “Update Status” button at the bottom of the page as images are uploaded. You’ll see thumbnails of the images once they have successfully uploaded.

  • 6
    TSA Compliance (For Airport Drop offs)

    An additional upload field will show up for TSA Compliance Docs for airport drop offs. You can choose from your phone library or open your camera and provide snaps of the documents from within the CareTags app.

  • 7
    Positive Notes

    You have the option to provide text notes for the pet owner to see. Only positive, good news should be mentioned here. Do not record any pet health or logistical issues or concerns here. All such concerns can be either mentioned in the internal notes, or, for urgent things, directed immediately to your point of contact at the pet shipping company. This field is only required for Drop off Airport, but is strongly recommended for all other update types, too. You can use this field to offer notes such as: “Sally went potty and drank some water before check-in at the airport.”

  • 8
    Internal Notes

    (Optional) You have the option to add internal notes. Simply toggle the button and a field will appear where you can put your notes. These are notes that will only be seen by the team at the pet shipper; customers will not see anything recorded here. Use this field to provide non-urgent things you’d like us to know about.

  • 9
    Update and Done!

    Click the blue “Update Status” button at the bottom. The update may take a few moments to upload, but you’ll receive a yellow success message on the top right once it’s done.

Things to Keep in Mind

CareTags' goal is to keep our clients happy and “in the know”. We ask that you scan the QR code and provide an update at each point of transition: pick up, boarding drop off, pick up at airport, pick up after customs, etc.

If there are multiple pets in a shipment, you can scan any one of the labels and you only need to provide one update per shipment.

Beyond the Updates feature of the CareTags app, at the bottom of the screen, you’ll see another tab that says “Travel docs”. This is a space where digital versions of all the pet’s documents will travel with the pet. You’ll see a list of the documents and have the option to view or share each.

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